Monday, 19 August 2013

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I just finished reading True Haunting by Edwin F. Becker and loved this book.

It was not about blood dripping down the walls, seeing red pig eyes floating in the dark, the mysterious red painted room in the basement or the possessed kid living in the attic. In other words, it was not the Warren's or Hollywood's embellished version of a haunting. This is a true haunting, what can happen and what probably does happen all over North America.

This is the story of one young family, in the 70's, living in Chicago. As Edwin explains it, the 70's was a different time. Young couples had a hard time renting apartments if they had children. Landlords could discriminate. So Edwin scrapped together the money to buy an apartment building with the thought that he could rent out one apartment to help pay the mortgage, while living in the other apartment with his wife and baby. Unfortunately, Edwin was unaware of the history of the building he had purchased.

It became quite apparent, things were not as they should be in this new dwelling. Doors opened on their own, lights flickered continually, hand mixers floated in mid air and other unexplained phenomena occurred.

Edwin finally discovers the truth about the family that used to live in the building from a neighbour, but by then he was in too deep financially, and with no way out. Edwin decides to get the local Catholic priest to bless the house, and from here, things go from bad to worse.

This is a truly good book to read if you are interested in hauntings, paranormal activity, ghosts and the like and want to read something of substance, not fiction.

And after you read this, share your own ghost stories.....I know I have a few........