Sunday, 29 May 2016


Once I started reading A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS, it was near impossible to put down. The sad disintegration of a family suffering job loss, medical issues and despair was so real and so gut wrenching, I could strongly empathize will each one. Marjorie is way too damn smart for her own good and comes to realize how to solve the world's issues in a unique and intriguing way...or is that what you want to believe. Maybe she is mentally ill, maybe she is not. Reminded me of Donnie Darko and all the questions and possible answers could apply here as well. Miss Merry is her eight year old sister who just wants a normal, happy family, and is cursed with neither. Her quirks, her thoughts, her energy is so amazing and so vulnerable, you cannot but hope for the best. Dad reacts as most dads do, and just wants to fix things, but does not see how his behaviour affects everyone else and Mom is tired, at the end of her rope and needs to check out. I can totally relate going through issues with my own kids. 
This story is told so well and is so clear, precise and evolving, I never wanted it to end. Once I read the last page, I was at a loss. I know I did not want to read anything else, because it simply would not measure up. Paul Trembly has done an outstanding job with this one. A definite must read.

I read this and several things played out: I loved the way he weaved in references to other movies and books such as the Exorcist; the tone was light, but horrific at the same time; the mind games between Marjorie and Merry; how much I wanted Ed and Lorraine Warren to walk in and give direction such as, make this more horrific, have her eat a live animal, make this door blood read, and here, hold Annabelle. 
But that would be making aa mockery of an incredibly well written book. Way to go Paul. This is a winner.