Monday, 11 May 2015

The Shortness of Life

Twice in one year I have been confronted with the death of a friend and once, the death of family member. Before that, the death of a close friend, and the death of a spouse of a close friend. All five deaths were not precipitated by anything. One minute they were here, and the next, gone.

All their deaths left an impact and left me wondering the why behind it. At this stage of my life I should be used to it but it still unnearves me beyond belief at the fargility of life. No one gets to plan their demise unless you are dealing with chronic illness or disease. But I am still astounded at the weakness of the human being. 

I remember when I was a kid: Summers lasted forever, we took all kinds of stupid risks and survived, and we all grew up feeling invicible. Now, I am overly cautious. I admit, I love life. And, when I can, I play life to the fullest of my being. Most days, it's not that much, but I still want to see my grand children grow up. I still need to own more dogs. I still want more years with my spouse. I still have to live on the ocean. And I still want to use up my retirement savings. 

Death laughs at all of these simple plans and just like "Dead Like Me", lightening could strike me tomorrow. Like it did my friend Kat, and Michele, Donna, Wanda, and Olof. 

I know I should be used to this.....

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