Monday, 1 June 2015


February 5, 1944 - May 19, 2015

Mr. Fish led an auspicious life when he made a fatal decision to alter his path, in his mid twenties. He decided to indulge in his personal predilections and proceeded on a path to destruction. The people in his life survived. He did not. 

He died alone, stinking, rotting from the inside, far away from the family who used to love him and even farther away from anyone who cared. In his senior years, no one pretended to notice whether he lived or died and no one bothered to visit, send flowers or even pop in to ease his pain. All this brought on by one stupid decision which carved a path of destruction started when he was 25. 

Imagine for one moment, making a decision, causing irreparable damage at 25 that would cause a painful, rotting, stinking, despised death 50 years later. 

His carnage included a wife that loved him in the beginning, a son that loved him, in the beginning and a stepdaughter that despised the very earth he touched. He went on to destroy other people along the way: Another family, other victims and created a path of destruction so long and so wide, hundreds of people are affected by his one decision at age 25. People have thought about suicide, murder and just disappearing because of his one choice. Others became alcoholics, drug abusers and mentally ill. His victims chose silence because that was the only choice at the time. His victims chose to destroy themselves a piece at a time rather than hurt others. His shameful existence is a pound of ash, left in an unclaimed box, sitting on a shelf in a forgotten room. His soul, however, will be eaten, a piece at a time, ripped to shreds and fed to the demons in Hell. 

He destroyed people, he destroyed the good in himself, and he never thought about the effect on others because he was a psychopath. And he is where he should be. Do Not Rest in Pieces. 

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