The Dogs of Depression: A Guide for Happy People

The Dogs of Depression: A Guide for Happy People

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Women in Horror Month: BILLIE SUE MOSIMAN

So this is it. An entire month devoted to women who write horror. Once a year we collectively flex our female brains and espouse the virtues of women writing horror. Why? Because most people think women should not be writing in this genre, don't know how to write in this genre, or do it badly. As a writer, that offends me. As a human, it humours me. As a women, it just means that I write under subterfuge until there is no difference being distinguished as a writer by my gender. Never could figure out how that part of my body wrote. Could not reach the keyboard...

My first Women in Horror is a lady I have admired for a very long time. She has written well over 60 books and tons of more short stories. She is clear, precise, controlled, creepy and downright entertaining. Even Stephen King reads her work. She is a tough women, a brilliant writer and a great friend, BILLIE SUE MOSIMAN.

Blog Questions - Women Writers in Horror Month

1. When did you start writing horror?

Between 1980-83. My first fiction sale was a short story to The Horror Show,to editor Dave Silva. Same month, same year I sold my first suspense novel to a New York publisher.

2.Have you written in any other genre?

I write suspense novels.

3.What makes you uncomfortable? 

Medical procedures and thinking about the vastness of universe.

4.Does your family read your work? 

My daughters and grandchildren do.

5. Does your writing make you uneasy? 

Now and then when Im delving into ideas that disturb or make me wonder.

6.Who would you say you write like? 

I dont know for sure. Probably closest to King.

7.Who are your favourite authors? 

Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Mary Shelley, Dennis Lehane, Paul Theroux, Stephen King, Jim Thompson, and a ton of others.

8. Who influences you as a writer? 

I dont know the answer to that either. Ive read so widely for so many years I just cant say.

9. Do you remember what your first horror book was that you read? 

As a kid I read The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe and it scared the hell out of me

10. How old were you? 

Around thirteen.

11. Is there any subject you will not touch as an author? 

I guess not, though if I do write about
subjects that bother me, I do it with the lens at a distance. I dont like to either read, watch, or write close-up, in-your-face horror. I despise gore for gores sake. I particularly dont like to write about rape, though I have because its part of the dark subjects I write about.

12. What was the best advice you were given as a writer? 

Keep trying, youll make it. And it was true.

13. If you had to start all over again, what would you do different? 

Id try to learn to smooze. I have no skills at it and kissing ass makes me want to vomit. I might have done better had I the ability to run off to a lot of cons and book signings and smooze like a mofo. I couldnt do it and keep my dignity. Being friendly is one thing. Deliberately sucking-up is something Ill never be accused of doing. Its not in my worldview as an acceptable behavior. Id learn to lie. Those who lie seem to go along swimmingly. Lying, also, is not part of my make-up and I cant do it.

14. How many books do you read a year?

It fluctuates. Due to health concerns my reading has been slim for a year or so.

15. Do you write every day? 

No, I write when I feel like it. I dont go by rules and regulations. If I wanted to do that, Id have been an accountant. I live my life freely, creatively, and thats made all the difference. I read all the best books on writing, then discarded them. I think we make our

own paths and trying to follow someone elses path can destroy the only good and original spirit we have in us.

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  1. Great interview! Billie Sue inspires us all.

  2. Thank you, Lori! And I want to thank Malina for the interview.

  3. Great stuff, Billie Sue (and Malina). Always enjoy poking through the brain of a successful writer. Thank you for sharing this--looking forward to the interviews to come!